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Ford Russia

Ford was the number one automobile brand last year selling 115.985 cars and trucks. Sales incresed by 92% over 2005 and generated 2 billion dollars in revenue. Moreover, New York Motors, a Moscow dealership of Ford sold 10.600 vehicles making it the best selling Ford dealership in the world.

“The reason why Ford and other foreign car brands done so well in the last couple of years is the booming Russian economy” said president of Ford Russia.

But this is not the only reason for Ford’s success. In 1999 Ford risked $150 million by building its own pland in Russia. Nevertheless, the advantages were obvious cars made St.Petersburg were free from 25% of  import tax that Ford’s foreign competitors pay. That means Ford can beat competitors prices. Ford Russia stimulated sales by offering credit to customers. Its loans are for 2-3 years at interest rate only 4.9%.

Ford produces three models: Montero, Focus, and Mustang. Focus is the most popular for several reasons: it is the cheapest.


Effective Weblog

Personally, I would like you to give us more directions in our entries, give us specific topic or area of discussion for the weblog. It would be easier even to write the entries during the class when you tell us, because honestly I would be much more organized.

I also would like to have more classes to discussions on the specific topic that you tell us to read about before the class, so that everybody will be part of discussion. And it important to have it in classrooms where we do not have computers

Blogging on my own experience

Well, for me blogging it a completely new tool of communication. Before taking the course of NewInformationTechnologies i have never used it or surfed on them. Anyway now I’m using it often I seach for a useful information on some topics of my interest or to ask for an opinion of some more experiences or expert than I am. And it is always nice to see people responding to my questions or comments.

Experience on Wiki

The main advantage of Wiki is to work on it with friends, all of us can contribute and edit stories. It is also possible to choose broader topics so everybody can add his/her opinions and ideas to it.

It was intresting to work with the wiki site, do something different from wordpress which has a bit different approach to it. Hope all of u will enjoy it as  well!

Distance learning

Distance learnings becomes more and more popular and advantage of this aducation is that process of learning is on distance. You do not have to go to the actual place of learning. You will be sent all the materials and tasks at home and you have to  send them back when its already done. The communication between you and the professors will be by post or via Internet. Such way of learning might be very convinient for those who work already but want to get degree or specialization in another field. Nowadays a lot of universities develop on-line, distance learning. And not all of those programms are paid.For example Massachusetts Institute of Technology has started up a program of free distance learning named as OpenCourseWare. It open for anyone who is willing to get bachelor or master degree in 60 different diciplines.

Dreams come true

As you might noticed my blog is about fashion, but I can truly say that I’m not a fashion addict. Fashion, style, love for beautiful is just a natural part of me. Since an age of 4 I was drawing different clothes and shoes in the albums, colouring them so intensively with young immagination. No one showed it to me before. And I do it now. But finally my ideas can actually be realized. With the help of my friends, and family I will actully produce my own brand of furs, jeans and T-shirts. I hope to launch it for the fall 2007-2008. To be continued….

My Community

The community I’m part of right now are people working with us on the project. This project is a jewelewry boutique of  well known brand. For me it is a great opportunity to work with so many people from different countries: this brand is french so our partners are mostly french people, very professional and creative. We all have one aim to make this jewelery brand recognizable and popular among of kazakahstany women. My function in this project was product selection, coordination of work with our partners in France and Dubai. It’s great to be part of something new and absolutely gougeous like this and to learn so much as well!

Lilly Cole advertise the T-shirts of Katherine Hamnett

Top model Lilly Cole works with english designer Kathering Hamnett, she is photographed for the new T-shirts advertising, all the money gathered from sales will be transfered to the fund which fights child labor in fashion industry.

Limited edition T-shirts are decorated with slogan “Save the Future”. Presentation of this project went in frames of London Fashion Week and also is being part of designer’s “Cotton Campain”; its goal is to bring up the issues of fashion industry and stop import of cotton to EU from countries which use children labor to produce the cotton. This campaing is supported by Environmental Justice Foundation. 

Style vs Fashion

Many fashion Gurus say that its more important to have your own style rather than follow what fashion industry imposes us. One of my friend, very stylish girl, says that lately a lot of designers wants us to look as our grandmoms and a lot of people follow that often without asking themselves wheather this style fits or not-it fashionable all that matters for them!!! What I’m trying to say is that being fashionable does not mean good for everybody. It is more important to find your own, style, clothes, accessories  in specific that fits your figure and personality best.

My comment on “WeMedia”

In the era of individualism everybody has his\her own opinion that we all want to share with others, with the world. An thanx to technologies that answer our needs now I can share the ideas, opinions on forums, blogs, leave comments on web pages of newspapers and it is all possible with new tech. It means that people can not only share but contribute as well and that leads us to participatory journalism. Participatory journalism has defenetly changed overall people’s approach to journalism and it is great to envolve different audiences especially young people like us. I think that in such a growing interest to participatory journalism people still need a least some basic journalistic education: writing, editorial skills and some knowledge about ethics,because the main principle in journalism it to be objective, true, unbiased especially when there is no barriers to entry.